How Can I Lose 10 Pounds

I am not what you’d call a fit person and neither am I slender. That?s why I have sometimes asked myself the question: How can I lose 10 pounds? ? 10 pounds just to begin with. I searched the Internet and looked through some books written by dieticians and I found out that it is possible to get rid of this weight. The good thing is that I have found recipes for losing this weight in periods from 1 week up.

Here are some tips that you might find as useful as I did when the question – How can I lose 10 pounds? – started to mess with my thoughts. Take a closer look at your drinking habits or pattern, if there is one. An average person takes in about 200 gallons of liquid a year of which almost 34 gallons of beer, 53 gallons of soda and 24 of milk. What is left to 200 is made of other kinds of drinks like tea, coffee, and wine. If you change your drinking habits you have a chance to lose weight. Drink in order to satisfy your needs not your pleasure. It?s not that I am suggesting drinking only water but reconsider the way you drink liquids and the quantities of liquids you take in daily.

To answer the question – How can I lose 10 pounds? – you should also have in mind that liquids can also act as food or hunger inhibitors. Just switch from your pulp-free juices to the pulpy ones and you will see that I am right. Although the liquid diet might seem a very slow approach, you should keep in mind its long-term effects ? you will get rid of 35,456 calories in one month only. And this is close to the 10 pounds in your question. A natural fat burner is tea, on the condition you drink the right tea. Green tea seems to be the best as it contains a certain substance that raises the metabolic rate within your body. You would be amazed to find out that green tea is able to rid you of 5,000 calories within 4 weeks of use.

And again: how can I lose 10 pounds? Other people claim that you can do it easily without any stress. But they also say that you can do it only if you are completely honest with yourself. Such an approach tells you to set a realistic goal in as far as how much you weigh and how much you want to lose. Besides, you should know exactly why you want to lose weight and make sure your reason is a valid one. Then, you must consider making some changes in your lifestyle and increase your physical activity level. And only then you can move on to adjusting diet.

Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Books in libraries and articles posted on Internet sites offer a great deal of information on how to lose 10 pounds fast. Generally speaking it is not an easy task and many people feel quite disappointed that they seem not to be able to get rid of something that does not really sound like much. But they seem to make one common mistake or at least most of them do; they disregard at least one of the four aspects related to healthy habits leading to a slender looking body. There are four steps or aspects that require combining in order to be successful in the endeavor you take to lose 10 pounds fast.

To begin with, you need to work out a little bit. This is the part that many of us ignore or simply avoid. We have gotten used to our cars so much that walking is not even practiced anymore. And when we are home, we either lie in bed or sit in an armchair much like we do at work where we sit at a desk. Then how exactly do we expect to lose 10 pounds fast? You should seriously start taking a bit of exercise without straining you body too much. Moderate exercise practiced regularly like about three times a week should work wonders.

Another aspect you have to take into account if you are willing to really lose 10 pounds fast deals with drinking water. Doctors say that each adult individual should drink about 2 liters or a liter and a half of water per day. That may seem pretty much to you, but then you might agree with another theory. Have a weight check and divide the number of kilos you have in two and that will give you the number of ounces of water that you are supposed to take in during one day. Whichever of the two theories you may agree with, there is one clear position you need to accept: without water you cannot enjoy very good health. And when you lose weight you are going to need even more water than usual. Think about your gym days and how you always had a bottle of water with you while you were working out.

The next thing you ought to be more careful with if you want to lose 10 pounds fast is the type of food you eat. Try to get rid of those hamburgers and French fries because they are the leaders of what we call junk food. Remove from your list whatever is fried, sweet as in sugar sweet, red meat and super white looking products in which the main ingredient is flour. Instead of those, turn to fruits and vegetables, to grains and fish or chicken meat.

Last but not least, try to have enough sleep so that your body can repair itself after daily stress. Good night sleep will make you be able to focus more and as a result you will stay more focused on what you want: to lose 10 pounds fast.

Lose 10 Pounds

I have heard so many people say that after 25 years of age people start putting on weight. Well, to tell you the truth I cannot say whether it is the age or the fact that marriage and stability in every aspect of life has made me lazier because of all the comfort I?ve been having. Either way, I am looking at myself in the mirror and I can say that I would love to get rid of or lose 10 pounds by simply snapping my fingers. Unfortunately it is not going to be that easy; I have already snapped them and it had no effect really!

Does the example above sound like something you have been going through lately? Well, indeed it is not so easy to lose 10 pounds and it does take a bit more than mere wishing for it. It takes two pinches of determination, two ounces of perseverance and one pound of real motivation to keep you going on the track of weight loss.

Many people rely heavily on crash diets when they intend to lose 10 pounds or more but they forget that combining these diets with sports or some sort of physical exercise is going to lead to much better results. They also seem to forget that once the diet is finished they end up eating a lot of stuff and go back to their unhealthy habits that have resulted in weight gain in the first place. I have seen lots of friends of mine resort to crash diets and obtaining good and fast results.

However, getting rid of a little bit of fat here and there in a fast manner meant putting it back on just as fast or even faster once they stopped following the diet. Even if you lose 10 pounds, the ordeal your body has been through while lacking vitamins and certain nutritional substances is definitely compensated by the urge you feel to eat more after you have been through the diet period. The very day you stop following the diet you should still feel determined to stick to eating less food and carefully select the type of food you are going to resort to. If this determination is missing and if you relax psychologically about this matter it will all mean surrender.

All in all, if you want to lose 10 pounds, then make sure that you have documented yourself a bit about it first just to make sure that you chose the proper method of doing it. By proper I mean healthy and long lasting. Remember that this may mean changing certain habits that have made your life more comfortable and enjoyable. And this will surely take a lot of motivation and perseverance in order to really gain success in the end.

Lose 10 Pounds A Month

Before asking yourself whether you can lose 10 pounds a month and before trying to do it, you should know a series of other things about losing weight and about yourself. There is no secret when it comes to losing weight; it is just that every diet or advice that is given to you comes from a biased perspective and you have to decide which is the best for you since you are supposed to know yourself better than anybody else does, even than your doctor does. Thus, nutritionists always advise you to rearrange your diet entirely; personal trainers always invite you to the gym, whereas wellness advisors always suggest a completely new routine.

As I said before, the process of losing weight differs from individual to individual as each person is unique and reacts differently to different stimuli. Therefore, anyone could try to lose 10 pounds a month and yet only some may succeed. Even those who are successful in doing this will notice, in time, that the process changes, as you cannot keep losing weight forever. Setting the goal to lose 10 pounds a month may not be a realistic goal for any of you since not succeeding might lead you to frustrations and, eventually giving up.

Anyway, whether you want to try to lose 10 pounds a month or over a certain period of time and then just maintain your acquired weight, you should be aware of the state of your health and of some general principles which can help you, if applied correctly, to lose weight effectively. You should know that getting heavy or light is just a matter of what you do with the calories around and inside you. The thing is that you gain weight the moment you burn less calories than you actually eat.

At least to get you ready to start the process of losing weight (to lose 10 pounds a month maybe) you should consider the following areas and principles. First, take care of your metabolism by taking light walks, eliminating junk food from your diet or taking some metabolism-regulating supplements. Then, take care of the kinds of foods you eat. Try to eat as healthily as possible. Last but not least, drink a lot of water to cleanse your body of toxins and junk. Besides, water is known to suppress hunger pain. As a result you will feel better and you will notice that the process of losing weight has already started.

Lose 10 In 2 Weeks

Who wouldn?t want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks or so? It may sound impossible to achieve it but positive results in that direction contradict our doubts. Some people have indeed managed to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks by sticking to a very strict dietary plan and a healthy lifestyle. Basically, there are two things you can do; one is to reduce the number of calories that you eat and the other is to establish exercise routines to help you get rid of the unwanted fat.

If you are actually into both methods and combine them harmoniously you will surely manage to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks or even less. Just think about how many calories one tiny square of chocolate has. Then get on your fitness bike and see how long you have to ride and how much effort you need to invest in order to burn those exact calories of the chocolate square. There is a guarantee that if you have this in mind every time you eat something that is sugar sweet or too fat as in fried foods, you are going either to reduce the amount of such unhealthy food or simply put it aside for anyone else except you.

As of the two methods mentioned above and designed to make you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, the former should present itself as a program of working out every day for at least one hour during the 2 weeks you have settled as the target for getting rid of weight. This work out program should include real aerobic classes that involve intense activity and cardio routines. It should definitely not be mistaken for long walking sessions in parks because these will not bring along the wanted result. Running, cycling, swimming, aerobic and step aerobic may be pretty good in helping you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

The latter method, which can be combined with the former, involves choosing a diet targeting your body detoxification. Next, you can go for a method relying on calorie shifting. There are many types of calorie shifting diets and they all rely on the same principle of fooling your body into believing that you are not actually keeping a diet and as a result your metabolism is pretty high burning fat and keeping you active until you manage to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

All in all, losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks is a pretty tough endeavor. It demands a great deal of dedication and determination. But most importantly, you need to think of taking up a diet or a work out routine that may be kept on a long term basis in order to have permanent results.