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Youth Commentary: MJ was my homeboy -- a teen's nostalgia (Athens News)
S AN FRANCISCO -- Michael Jackson -- musician, singer, dancer, performer, child molester? Nah, I can safely say that I have none of his music runnin' on my iPod, and I haven't tried to do the moonwalk since... well, I hope I never tried to do the moonwalk. But is MJ really a sick old lech?

Interview: Sally Vincent meets Greg Rusedski (Guardian Unlimited)
Next week, Greg Rusedski launches what may be his final assault on Wimbledon. After all the bad years, beset by surgery, plunging world ranking and those charges of steroid abuse, can he really win it at last? Sally Vincent meets him.

Interview: Sally Vincent meets Greg Rusedski (Guardian Unlimited)
Interview: Sally Vincent meets Greg Rusedski .

Michael Jackson's bad fortune (Guardian Unlimited)
In the mid-80s Michael Jackson was the biggest star in the world, having made the most successful album of all time and amassed a fabulous fortune. This week he was cleared of child abuse charges - but with debts of $270m, his life is in ruins. What went wrong?

Michael Jackson's bad fortune (Guardian Unlimited)
Oliver Burkeman and David Teather on how Michael Jackson ended up owing hundreds of millions of dollars.

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