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Cosmetic surgery for less

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The Hellenic Radio (ERA): News in English, 05-06-22 (Hellenic Resources Network)
Speaking at the Parliamentary Economic Affairs Committee, which voted the bill over Stock Exchange issues where the specific reforms are included, Minister of Economy, Giorgos Alogoskoufis reassured that the reforms for banks and OTE will not burden the state and the taxpayers, and do not affect previous social security rights.

At a Loose end (Sydney Morning Herald)
Bad local comedy is no laughing matter - and that was precisely the problem for Seven's ill-fated show. Let Loose Live didn't live. The sensible folks at Seven put the sketch comedy show out of its misery after only two weeks. There's no point in sticking the boot in.

FEATURES (Northern Express)
“Truly, I believe that the artist is slightly more important than the canvas,” says Andrew Finnerty, who won the Northern Express Tattoo Contest in our Best of Northern Michigan issue this year. “In tattooing, the person is a canvas, and the artist is the one who creates.”

My Massage a Trois in Mauritius (RedNova)
THREE months after that most glamorous of operations bunion removal I found myself with a shapelier foot but a considerably less svelte body.

Menace in the classroom (Financial Times)
Ever since a Blue Peter presenter first uttered the words "sticky back plastic" and "here's one I prepared earlier", egg boxes and toilet rolls have been the sine qua non of any self-respecting lunar space station or cardboard crocodile.

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Cosmetic surgery for less