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 Cosmetic surgery for less

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Cosmetic surgery for less

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Mickey woos leggy model (Independent Online)
Mickey Rourke is romancing stunning model Eve Salvail. The Hollywood actor was spotted canoodling with the sexy star at the birthday bash of Wilhelmina models president Sean Patterson last week.

Michael Jackson: The pop megastar whose music career has been eclipsed by his eccentricity (Belfast Telegraph)
If Michael Jackson had been content to follow his musical instincts, he would now be remembered with fondness as the extravagantly talented megastar who redefined pop music for the MTV age, with his albums Off The Wall and Thriller and the treasure trove of hits they yielded.

Gunmen kill Mexican federal agent (
MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) -- Seven gunmen wearing ski masks entered a hospital in a northern Mexican state capital Wednesday and killed a federal agent who was recovering there from gun shot wounds, investigators said.

Some women turn to genital plastic surgery, seeking prettier look or better sex (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - (KRT) - So, it has come to this. In our world of extreme makeovers, facelifts and fat suctioning are no longer enough. Now the latest thing in cosmetic surgery centers on something more intimate: a woman's genitals.

China goes under the knife (Asia Times)
"In China today, cosmetic surgeons can change a face beyond recognition - and the police are going to have to take notice," a highly qualified Shanghai plastic surgeon told Asia Times Online.

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Cosmetic surgery for less