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Cosmetic surgery for less

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The Star Catchers (Forbes Magazine via Yahoo! Finance)
Want Keanu Reeves or Lenny Kravitz at your next bash? Better pony up for a celebrity wrangler.

Teddy Allen: The Michael Jackson verdict is in and ... who cares? (The Times)
Teddy Allen: The Michael Jackson verdict is in and ... who cares? I do not care about the Michael Jackson verdict. As I write this, I don't know what it is.

The Island of Dr. Ersek Austin's media-friendly Robert Ersek is the king of pop cosmetic surgery (Austin Chronicle)
If there was ever a perfect man for a perfect moment in time, it is Dr. Robert Ersek. In a world obsessed with boob jobs, tummy tucks, fat sucking – and the people who crave all of these things – the silver-haired Austin plastic surgeon is striding toward the light, ready for his close-up.

Saving Face: Ethnic Concerns in Plastic Surgery (ABC News)
Tuck, lift, nip, reshape, reduce, suck, enlarge, implant, inject and peel—plastic surgery is everywhere these days. Whether it's being broadcast from your TV or advertised in a magazine, the word is out that cosmetic procedures are no longer just for the rich and famous.

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Cosmetic surgery for less