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Cosmetic surgery for less

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Marsh: Wearing a suit doesn't make you clever (
Jodie Marsh is one of the current clutch of D-list celebrities who are famous for, well, being famous.

The Island of Dr. Ersek Austin's media-friendly Robert Ersek is the king of pop cosmetic surgery (Austin Chronicle)
If there was ever a perfect man for a perfect moment in time, it is Dr. Robert Ersek. In a world obsessed with boob jobs, tummy tucks, fat sucking – and the people who crave all of these things – the silver-haired Austin plastic surgeon is striding toward the light, ready for his close-up.

Letters to the editor (The Villager)
Who cooked up pavilion change? I find it odd that even with a special section given over to Union Sq., you failed to uncover the real impetus for whatever revisions the Parks Department might be making to the north plaza redesign.

Disintegration In America (Gay City News)
416 W. 42nd St. Sat., Sun. 2 p.m.; Sun. 7 p.m. James McMenamin, plays Hugo, a 20-year-old Mormon, with whom Panny, Olivia Oguma, strikes up a telephone romance.

By Anne-Henley Beck (Collegiate Times)
The infamous seven-year couple thought by the public to last a lifetime, a true Hollywood romance, came to a tumultuous end two weeks ago, despite attempts at working toward bettering the relationship.

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Cosmetic surgery for less