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Cosmetic surgery for less

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French doctors on trial for series of blunders in cosmetic surgery (Independent)
Danger: Beauty can be bad for your health. Two French doctors have been on trial in Bordeaux this week, accused of negligence in cosmetic operations which went wrong.

Your Life: Four Years Ago, Docs Gave Me Months to Live (RedNova)
FOR years, Ann-Marie Ciccini lived the kind of life most of us can only dream of, swanning around at film premieres and going on modelling trips to exotic places. She had a swish Chelsea home, designer clothes, a size-eight figure - and even enjoyed a fling with rocker Rod Stewart.

'Vanity taxes' won't help keep America beautiful (Chicago Sun-Times)
I am familiar with "vice taxes," which tack on a little something for the government when we buy alcohol or cigarettes. And I'm OK with it. Stick to canned wine or buy Night Train by the case, and the added costs aren't all that dramatic.

T V Queen of Mean Anne Robinson has finally revealed the secret behind the startling change in her looks.

'My ear fell off after surgery' (Evening Standard)
Having big protruding ears is a genetic fact of life in Tania Shirt's family. It meant years of bullying at school, where she was called Dumbo and Big Ears. Later, she tried to boost her confidence by seeking psychiatric help.

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Cosmetic surgery for less