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Cosmetic surgery for less

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French doctors on trial for series of blunders in cosmetic surgery (Independent)
Danger: Beauty can be bad for your health. Two French doctors have been on trial in Bordeaux this week, accused of negligence in cosmetic operations which went wrong.

Menace in the classroom (Financial Times)
Ever since a Blue Peter presenter first uttered the words "sticky back plastic" and "here's one I prepared earlier", egg boxes and toilet rolls have been the sine qua non of any self-respecting lunar space station or cardboard crocodile.

Sorting bad from good (Adelaide Confidential)
We will one day have tests to genetically screen people for behaviour and personality traits. Should we use that knowledge to create "better people"? JANELLE MILES reports.

Michael Jackson: The pop megastar whose music career has been eclipsed by his eccentricity (Belfast Telegraph)
If Michael Jackson had been content to follow his musical instincts, he would now be remembered with fondness as the extravagantly talented megastar who redefined pop music for the MTV age, with his albums Off The Wall and Thriller and the treasure trove of hits they yielded.

We're all suffering a slow death by quick cricket (
Twenty20 cricket is a form of the game that caters for a generation possessing the attention span of a gnat, writes Martin Johnson.

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Cosmetic surgery for less