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Cosmetic surgery for less

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Cosmetic surgery for less

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Waco man feels 'like a million bucks' after penile surgery (Austin American-Statesman)
Scott & White says complete reconstruction surgery is a first in U.S. Not many people would compare having surgery to winning the lottery. But a 63-year-old man from Waco said he was ecstatic after waiting four years for a novel operation that restored the penis he lost, in its entirety, to cancer.

Surgeons Construct New Penis for Cancer-Stricken Man (ABC News)
Radical Technique Helps Patient Disfigured by Illness

Deep, Dark Secrets of His and Her Brains (Los Angeles Times via Yahoo! News)
HAMILTON, Canada — The invitation curled from her fax machine, a courtly question scrawled above the signature of a man whose name she did not recognize.

Plastic surgery (Newsweek)
When I first interviewed Toronto doctor Robert H. Stubbs way back in 1994, he was a pioneer of a new surgical technique that could add length to a man’s penis. He learned the basics of the procedure from a Chinese physician named Dr. Long.

Plastic surgery on private parts (MSNBC)
In their quest for bigger and better, some people are going to extreme lengths with cosmetic surgery on their genitals.

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Cosmetic surgery for less