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 Cosmetic surgery for less

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Cpl. Ken Vetzel, Hillsborough Animal Control: (Tampa Bay's 10)
Hillborough County, Florida - Two Hillsborough County children were attacked by dogs in two separate incidents Tuesday. The first attack happened in Tampa Tuesday afternoon.

Treating the trauma of war (St. Petersburg Times)
In Iraq, the devastating wounds suffered by soldiers stun even the most experienced doctors. TAMPA - A week after he arrived in Iraq, trauma surgeon Donald Jenkins was introduced to the devastation only war can wreak on a human body.

Wednesday Edition: A Fierce Flea Season (Poynter Institute)
We are heading toward what could be a heavy flea season for your pets. Unlike past years when the only real answer was to dip or bathe your critters, now there are topical treatments that prevent fleas rather than treating an infestation.

Appeals Court Reverses Radical Judge's Gender-Bending Ruling (
A precedent-setting case in Florida has ended with a court order annulling the marriage between a transsexual who was born female and a biological mother of two children. One pro-family legal expert believes the court's action will have major repercussions.

FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL / A chip off the old big-league block (San Francisco Chronicle)
Lance Niekro's surname brings him instant recognition in the world of baseball. Mention the name and the response is nearly Pavlovian: knuckleball. Nearly halfway through his rookie season, Niekro is carving out a fresh twist to the family legacy. He...

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Cosmetic surgery for less