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 Cosmetic surgery for less

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Cosmetic surgery for less

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Study Published in Facial Plastic Surgery Journal Finds Selective Heating of Fibrous Septae Key to Success and Safety (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
Research published today in the June/July 2005 issue of Facial Plastic Surgery Journal further validates the unique mechanism of action produced deep within the skin by the ThermageĀ® ThermaCool System's monopolar radiofrequency energy.

FDA may smooth path for artificial heart (Detroit News)
Facing death in less than a month from heart failure, 70-year-old Tom Christerson gathered his family in the intensive care unit of a Louisville, Ky., hospital for a vote. Perhaps his only chance for survival was a procedure done just once before: the complete replacement of his diseased heart with a 2-pound titanium and plastic artificial heart called the AbioCor.

Surgery's next step: face transplants (Jewish World Review) | (KRT) Ethicists may find the idea unacceptable, but at least two medical centers in the U.S. are in the final phases of planning for a controversial new procedure: a face transplant.

Frere 'runs out' of (Daily Dispatch)
EAST LONDON - Surgical supplies are being brought in to Frere Hospital from nearby Cecilia Makiwane and Frontier hospitals so that surgery can go ahead today after the hospital ran out of critical supplies.

Ear Infections and Ear Tube Surgery ( via Yahoo! News)
Many children get middle ear infections. This is known as otitis media (OM). The infections are most common in kids between the ages of 6 months and 2 years, although children of all ages may occasionally suffer from OM. Some kids are particularly susceptible because of environmental and lifestyle factors. Some of these risk factors are attendance at a large group child care, secondhand tobacco

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Cosmetic surgery for less