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Does Google My Business Optimization Help Rank Your Sites?

Does Google My Business Optimization Help Rank Your Sites? Habazar Internet marketing

Google my business optimization helps you to rank Your Site.

Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google that helps optimize your companies Brand in the google maps pack. So, they want YOU to use it. Why? once again the answer is simple, they also gain exposure by helping YOU to get organised in a way which they want so that they can manipulate the search results thanks to the fresh and relevant information YOU are going to supply them with!

Registering an online store in google my business is a powerful ranking factor and in this day and age, it would be considered to be a prerequisite for attracting local users. The setting up of a well-filled and constantly updated company profile in your GMB encourages the trust of potential customers and indeed existing customers who quite often return to read any new comments.

Google My Business Optomization

Furthermore, when filling out an account with information about the company, you should arrange it for your corporate identity as if you are a major provider in that sector. Why? because one day you may be, and you should always strive for better, so let’s start as we intend to continue and progress and grow.

You should add a high-quality cover image, remember, you are trying to create a good impression and poor images do not instil confidence, the same applies to your company logo, pictures, description of services or goods, publications or promotional offers, remember that first impressions are extremely important. High-quality catalogues and review sites are important SEO optimization tools.

If you follow the above points and then begin some social activity to encourage your past and potential clients to subscribe or “Follow” you should be your next course of action. Thanks to authoritative links to your site which social accounts can bring to your Brand, the amount of organic traffic will gradually begin to increase significantly.

Embed Google reviews on any website

Because Google loves what consumers love, it gives favour to listings with plenty of positive reviews. When you create a listing on google local maps, your brand is automatically opened to reviews. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the appraisals will come flooding through. To gain a substantial selection of reviews on your google maps listing, you must be proactive in requesting reviews and responding to them.

Responding to a review will make your customer feel acknowledged and appreciative of your attention. This way more and more people will consider spending time on writing reviews worthwhile.

This habit also creates a positive impression on new customers. They feel that the company cares and values its customers’ opinions. Plus, responding to both positive and negative google reviews shows Google that you paying attention to your GMB account and your clients will appreciate your responses. By being thankful and polite in your tone you also show that you empathise with your clients which again encourages positive reactions, and sometimes turning extremely negative reviews into positive outcomes shows others that customers are important to you. You should always strive to satisfy a client’s needs and concerns by following through to a positive outcome, not only for the client’s satisfaction but for your companies own Brand Building.

Studies show that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family members. When you highlight positive reviews and respond to them in a personal manner, you leverage their power.

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