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How to protect yourself from Break in attempts

How to protect yourself from Break in attempts

The number of break in attempts in this day and age means you really do need to protect yourself. This means you will be needing good locks, security systems, and CCTV advice. High-quality home security company Benn Lock and Safe Ltd 13 St. Davids Square, Fengate, Peterborough, only offer professional installations.

Alarm systems that require wiring and placement of sensors or cameras benefit from professional installation companies.  Especially when a misplaced motion detector, door sensor or security camera can lead to false alarms or, worse, an intruder. However, a professional installation has some drawbacks, most notably the need to make an appointment and have someone come to your home.

Security systems are much easier to install today than they used to be. Installing DIY home security systems usually involves turning on a central hub and using a control panel or app to connect all the associated components via Wi-Fi.

Sensors and cameras are mounted or glued in the desired location with a very little wiring. Benn Lock and Safe Ltd also offer professional installation for a fee. You can sometimes get it for free if you buy a premium package. It makes sense to hire a professional to do the installation if you’ve bought a large amount of hardware and aren’t sure where to put it. If you are not familiar with the technology, it is better to leave it to the professionals.

protect yourself from Break in attempts

Door and window sensors are the backbones of a home security system. They trigger the alarm when a door or window is opened (and the alarm is set). This puts off potential burglars and alerts the homeowner to a security breach of security. Entry sensors consist of two parts, a magnet and a sensor.

The two components form a magnetic field when they touch. However, when the door or window they are attached to is opened, the magnetic field changes and the sensor sends a signal to the base station to trigger the siren. Key features & tech – DIY systems offer easy-to-mount entrance sensors (with Velcro) that can be set up in a matter of minutes.

There are several home security systems on the market, and it can be difficult to decide on the right system for your security needs. The best home security systems that can help you keep an eye on your home while you’re away are IP cameras. IP cameras have built-in servers that allow them to send and receive data over the internet without needing a computer.

This means you can access your security camera from a smartphone or computer anywhere in the world. In addition, some cameras are equipped with motion detectors that can send an email notification when motion is detected. Surveillance systems can either be monitored 24/7 by a security company for a monthly fee, or you can monitor them yourself with a DIY system.

Today’s home security landscape is full of options. There are professionally installed and DIY systems, there are self-monitored and professionally controlled solutions, and of course, there are smart-home and voice-controlled systems. What’s more, today’s security systems can protect everything from a one-bedroom flat to a mansion.

Any number of security system peripherals can be added, and some systems are capable of managing hundreds of sensors. Not to mention that today’s security systems offer a wide variety of devices, from security sensors to smart home and IoT products. At Benn Lock and Safe Ltd, we have a team with decades of experience with security systems. We’ve tested and compared home security systems first-hand and selected only the top-rated systems.

DIY home security systems.

In recent years, the best DIY security systems have become much more popular than professionally installed systems, and for good reason. DIY security systems are much cheaper, highly customisable to your needs and easier than ever to install. Plus, a designer home security system doesn’t come with a monthly fee or a long-term contract.

Even if you want to install a professional surveillance system (to alert the police or fire brigade in the event of a break-in), you can often do so on a monthly basis rather than signing an annual contract. Ask Benn Lock and Safe Ltd for more information.

How big is your business? I’m not talking about your revenue or turnover, I’m talking about the physical size of your business premises and offices. Square footage, number of windows and entry points are just some of the issues to consider here. Some security systems are specifically designed for small spaces, including small retail shops and even home offices.

Other solutions are designed for small and medium-sized businesses. There are even security systems designed specifically for large buildings and commercial properties. It is important to choose the security system that best fits the size of your business. Smaller spaces don’t necessarily need the complex functionality and infrastructure associated with a multi-site operation. Cheap, home-built business security systems are unlikely to be sufficient to adequately protect a larger business.

How to protect yourself from Break in attempts.

The total cost of a home security system can be measured in three phases: Purchase price, installation cost and operating cost over time. Some low-quality so-called “home security systems” are supplied with only the most minimal door and window sensors that buyers can easily put in themselves.

protect yourself from break-in attempts

Higher-end equipment packages—such as those offered by Benn Lock and Safe Ltd feature a touch-screen control panel and the ability to add outdoor security cameras.

You should ask yourself whether video surveillance is the best way to improve the security of your home. Think about the following questions: Do I need video surveillance? Are there other ways to protect my home, such as better lighting?

How can I best set up the system to protect privacy? Can I place the cameras so that they do not interfere with my neighbours’ property or public or shared spaces? Do I need to record the images or is a live stream sufficient?

Does my CCTV system have an audio recording function? Audio recording is a strong invasion of privacy. Therefore, in most cases where homeowners use CCTV, they should disable audio recording.

Take advantage of biometric voice recognition with certain Google Home-compatible security systems. With this feature, you can make home automation commands roll off your tongue. Control your lights, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, security systems and other voice-controlled devices. Google Home-enabled security systems open up a world of possibilities that go beyond home protection.

Home security sensors are usually placed on entrance and exit doors and on easily accessible windows, especially those that can be opened, especially windows at ground level. Open spaces in flats can be secured with motion detectors. They generally have a touch panel for easy interaction and programming and enter secure codes to set and unset the system. It is even able to be controlled with vocal commands and can also be operated with key fobs with radio remote controls.

Needing Good Locks.

Companies of all kinds have private information that they need to protect. They also need to protect the personal information of their employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Online retailers, banks, schools, law firms, medical centres, public services and public administrations all have information and systems that need to be protected.

Companies that develop systems or new technologies, or those that do design work, have intellectual property that needs to be protected. Basically, if a company uses the internet or a network to perform its tasks, it needs cyber security professionals! Cybersecurity is a basic requirement for good business. Both private sector companies and public institutions offer interesting career opportunities. Moreover, the skills and experience gained in both sectors are attractive to both types of employers.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems are an important security feature for your business and can help in the detection of crime. It is recommended that all businesses install a CCTV system, either for basic surveillance or for a high-definition security system that can lead to identification or prosecution.

Security surveillance systems have become a staple in environments such as car parks, airports, train stations, museums – and even some residential buildings – to monitor the activities of passers-by, visitors and employees and record suspicious behaviour that could constitute a crime.

Whether it is a burglary, a theft or a violent crime, a strategically placed CCTV system transmits video signals from its respective location to a monitor, providing a complete view of a specific area so that crimes can be prevented at that moment or recorded as evidence for a future case.

CCTV Advice

Compared to security systems for apartment buildings, security systems for commercial buildings need to be more robust and provide different types of protection. This is to accommodate the large number of people coming in and out, as well as the amount of data that businesses transmit and store. While residential security usually consists of a front door lock, an alarm system and sometimes camera surveillance. However, businesses will require more deeply developed security features that protect more than simply the exterior.

Surveillance systems covering your premises’ entire perimeter are critical to protecting your assets and providing crucial business intelligence. Cameras are the foundation of any surveillance system, and for maximum functionality, it is important to ensure the widest possible camera coverage.

However, this does not require a large number of cameras. It is important to consider the value of each camera and the performance it provides when reviewing your camera installation density requirements. Companies need security systems that meet the highest standards. Therefore, these cameras must have the necessary resolution to recognise faces and number plates, read numbers well and observe customer activity.

A CCTV camera installed on your premises is an excellent crime deterrent. CCTV systems from Benn Lock and Safe Ltd can keep an eye on what is happening on your property. Both your home and family’s security can be protected. Especially with the help of security cameras that are strategically placed in and around your property.

This way, they serve as a warning to burglars and can also capture images of them. Where can I point my security cameras? If you are looking to install a surveillance system, we can advise you on the best systems, solutions and locations for your surveillance needs. Most CCTV cameras in the UK are not operated by government bodies. Instead, they are owned by private individuals or businesses.

At Benn Lock and Safe Ltd 13 St. Davids Square, Fengate, Peterborough PE1 5QA, we provide homes and businesses with smarter security systems and 24/7 on-site surveillance. Whether you need video surveillance for your home or an access control system for your office, our team can help you find the right products. From the initial consultation to installing the system and teaching you how it works, our “White Glove” service will take care of all your security needs.

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