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Safe installation and repair in Peterborough and Cambs

Safe installation and repair.

Safe installation and repair. We deliver, install and maintain! This means that we will bring your safe to you, set it up where you want it, level it, bolt it down (if you want us to), explain how to operate and maintain your new safe and lock, and explain the warranty.

We will also help you if you have any problems in the future. We are authorised by factories to both service and repair safes. We open safes and vaults in a professional and timely manner and have extensive experience in operating, servicing and maintaining safes and locks.

Our delivery and installation are always discreet (you don’t have to ask for it), we will never show up with big advertising logos on our trucks as our competitors do so all your neighbours know you are getting a safe. We also deliver and install safes and vaults in a discreet manner.

Safe installation and repair.

One priority is to protect personal property; it is for sure another to maintain the protection of irreplaceable and valuable possessions. That’s why businesses, municipalities and owners of valuable personal property are looking for quality safe and lock solutions.

A safe is still a reliable and highly secure means of preventing the theft of your most important possessions. From the sale of safes to their installation and/or delivery, Benn Lock and Safe Ltd have the knowledge of 45 years to provide the solution you need.

We offer fire and burglar resistant safes, commercial grade tl 15/30 safes, various safe locks, electronic safes, and floor and wall safes. We have a showroom of safes, please ask. We also offer professional safe openings, including opening and maintenance of old safes; we offer safe repairs, safe openings and changing of safe combinations.

Whilst it may be possible to move a safe on your own, the task can be very difficult and possibly even dangerous if not done right. For small safes, a heavy equipment mover can help, but there is always a risk of damage or even injury. Contact Benn Lock and Safe Ltd’s professional team of safe removal and installation specialists for safe removals.

We have the experience, staff and equipment to get the job done. Protect yourself from injury and keep more money in your wallet instead of spending it on repairs by relying on our team.

Welcome to Benn Lock and Safe Ltd. Our family-owned and operated business has been providing sales and service for safes in Peterborough and surrounding areas for over 45 years. We offer safe installation, removal and repair for all types of safes.

Enhanced Security When Protection Is Needed.

Despite your best efforts to protect what’s important to you, fire, flood, or theft can put your important documents and valuables at risk. You can keep important documents and possessions safe in a safe. At Benn Lock and Safe Ltd, we offer safe sales and services to ensure the protection of your belongings. Sales and installation of all types of safes.

If you require a strong safe, we have a wide choice of options for our top-quality safes. We also provide Nationally Qualified locksmiths for your professional installation. If you need a new safe, we have a wide selection of high-quality safes and certified locksmiths for professional installation.

When purchasing a safe for your home or business, it is important to consider what additional services you will need. To be sure your needs are met with understanding and your safe is well taken care of, it is better to rely on a local safe company like Benn Lock and Safe Ltd, rather than buying online. The benefits are professional delivery and installation of the safe, as well as subsequent maintenance, servicing and repair.

For safe installation and repair.

With over 45 years of experience delivering and installing new and used safes throughout Peterborough, Benn Lock and Safe Ltd have the expertise and equipment to get your safe installation done right. Secure installation can be a difficult and potentially dangerous job.

Every job is unique and requires its own well-thought-out plan. Some things are best left to the professionals. If you are looking to install a safe in a new location, contact the experts at Benn Lock and Safe Ltd. We have installed safes ranging in size from floor safes to armoured doors and safes weighing up to 9,000 pounds.

Just because opening the safe was necessary to retrieve items does not mean your safe is past its usefulness. In the majority of instances, a cracked safe can be repaired back to insurance standards. We offer you a very comprehensive safe repair service. In addition to safe cracking, we can retrieve your valuables and fix your safe so it’s back to its original condition.

We can also install a new safe. Independent of what kind of safe you own, our safe cracking services can return its contents to you fast! From burglar safes to data safes, our skilled technicians can handle them all. If you want the best safe cracking services in Peterborough, call us on (01733) 55 27 28 or contact us today through our website.

We offer secure cracking in Peterborough as well as greater Cambridgeshire.

Our expert safe locksmiths are highly qualified to perform the following safe cracking services: Manipulation of safe combinations, cracking of safes, opening of safes, maintenance of safes, repairs of safes, installation of safes and delivery of safes, removal of safes and relocation of safes. We offer an emergency safe opening service throughout Cambridgeshire.

Whether you have a combination safe, digital safe, mechanical key safe or biometric safe, our safe cracking team will open and repair your safe, and we guarantee that our safe repair work will restore the original manufacturer’s quality and security. And for your peace of mind: If we can’t open your safe, you won’t be charged – we guarantee it.

Residential Locksmiths In Peterborough

Benn Lock and Safe Ltd are safe-cracking professionals. If you’re in need of professional safe cracking, we at Benn Lock and Safe Ltd have your back. With over 45 years of experience in the Peterborough area, we know the area, the people and the people know us. We offer a complete locksmith service that includes safe installation and emergency locksmith services.

Our mobile locksmiths and safe crackers are fast, and friendly and pride themselves on giving you complete satisfaction. Whether you need commercial, residential or safe locksmith services, call us for a free quote and an honest price. We are not newcomers to this field, our locksmiths have years of experience and know how to open a safe.

Contact our team today for a quote. All we need is the model, weight and information on where it is currently located and where you would like to install it soon. We are pleased to offer the same level of care for our safe removals as we do for our new safe installations. Benn Lock and Safe Ltd will deliver or transport and install any safe, whether it is one of ours or one of yours, even if you purchased it elsewhere.

We have the skills and talent to get the job done expertly and with great care. If you have a large floor safe and it is time to move it to a new location or even to another room or floor in your home, office or other location, contact Benn Lock and Safe Ltd.

Every installation is different, and we use different tools for each installation. For a flat that can only be reached by stairs, a stair runner is sufficient. Alternatively, a gantry lift or, for example, a crane can be used to bring the safe up to the first floor via a balcony. These projects are estimated in advance.

Additional services for safes.

Benn Lock and Safe Ltd are professional safe crackers in Peterborough, offering our services to businesses, homes and industrial facilities. We are the best in the business and can open almost all safes and vaults. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who have been cracking safes for years.

We use only the latest tools and technology to get into your safe quickly and efficiently, so you don’t lose more time and money than necessary. If you need help opening your safe, give us a call today. As a safe shop, we also offer a wide range of safes for sale. So if you’re looking for a new safe, we can help you find the perfect safe for your needs.

Consistent use, exposure to the elements and a number of other factors can damage your business or home safe over time, compromising its ability to keep important items safe inside. In such situations, it is important that you contact a trusted professional who can help you with safe repair and unlocking.

At Benn Lock and Safe Ltd, our secure technicians can provide you with quality secure repair services that are able to cater for all types of damage to your security. In addition, our team offers professional safe cracking services for situations where you cannot open your safe using normal means. Instead of risking damage to your safe by applying pressure, we take a professional approach to open your safe in a gentle manner without damaging your safe or the valuables inside.

Best places to install a safe in your home.

Safes are a necessary security feature to protect your valuable assets such as cash, documents and more from thieves. Unfortunately, some safes may not function properly or have faulty locking mechanisms. Fortunately, our team in Peterborough specializes in opening any safe, traditional or automatic.

We aim to send technicians to your Cambridgeshire location as quickly as possible if a safe is broken into. In addition, we provide professional and reliable safe cracking services to access your safe. So, if you need quality locksmith services in Peterborough, call our team today!

There are some significantly unsafe locations in the home where a safe installation is not recommended. We always recommend choosing a location outside the master bedroom. This is usually one of the first places burglars look for safes.

Avoid the garage! It is often one of the most vulnerable areas of the home. Do not leave your garage doors unlocked and open as it is very easy to loot and remove safes here.

We move and deliver safes even if you did not buy them from us.

Large safes are strong and heavily built. You want something that will protect your valuables and important documents from thieves, fire and curious children. It’s best to have a professional safe mover deliver and set up your safe so it’s ready to go right away. Consider those benefits of leaving this heavy work to a professional.

One of the most worrying parts of purchasing a safe is finding a way to get it to your home or office and install it. Safes weigh a great deal, and it can be dangerous to move a safe yourself. Although you may have the right tools and a couple of strong guys to help you, we recommend using the services of professionals to deliver and install your safe. When you hire Benn Lock and Safe Ltd, you benefit from the years of experience we have in transporting and installing safes.

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