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best price for mini gastric bypass


Gastric Bypass Testimonial Update from Kendyl Kendyl in April 2015 Kendyl B had a Gastric Bypass operation in France Date of Surgery 10th December 2014 Kendyl has kindly sent us a further update on her amazing weight loss journey following the Gastric bypass surgery which she had in December 2014. I am now 4 months in and I have lost nearly 6 stone. I currently weight 15 stone 3 pounds. Kendyl in April 2015 Kendyl is only 16 years old but her determination to lose weight is so inspiring. Kendy told us that she had struggled with her weight since she was very young and that she had tried dieting and everything known to try to lose weight. She used to comfort eat a lot due to bullying about her weight until she reached her biggest weight of 131kg (289 Lbs). Eventually Kendyl decide that she had to do something to change her lifestyle for the better. This is when she realised it had to stop Having searched online for weight loss surgery as a close family member had also had it done.

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