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Wilma Loses 118 lbs after a Gastric Sleeve op in France

Gastric Sleeve Testimonials From Wilma MacD. Gastric Sleeve Surgery Sept 2013 Todays date is 26 March 2015 We are pleased to hear again from Wilma MacD who had a gastric Sleeve surgery at our Hospital in Le Havre, Northern France, in September of 2013. Once again Wilma has been Kind enough to send us some Images of her before and after results showing the dramatic changes in 18 Months. As you can see from the images on the right the changes have been remarkable and Wilma is more than pleased with the results of the gastric sleeve surgery. Wilma Before in Sept 2013 After Gastric Sleeve Mar 2015 Here is part of the E-Mail which Wilma sent to us.Hello Tullia, sorry for the delay in getting these pictures to you.I know there is a difference now because I have a waist again ! I couldn’t wear this denim dress before as I could not fasten the buttons. The gap across my tummy must have been a good nine inches! I now weigh less than 260 pounds. Total weight loss is 118 lb. in 18 Months

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