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To Lose 10 Pounds

If you are willing to lose 10 pounds there are several things that you ought to have in mind besides the fact that you need to give up fat foods and do physical exercise. To begin with, you first need to quit taking supplements, pills or various drugs recommended by various people to help you lose weight. They are artificial most of the time so that they cannot possibly substitute for real organic food nutrients. Or, in case they may indeed substitute for what you need, they may not be absorbed by your organism as well as natural food. As a result, your body may end up exhausted and lacking lots of vitamins and nutrients that you will feel the need to compensate by eating more at the end of the drug treatment.

Another thing you need to do to lose 10 pounds is to eat frequently enough so that you do not get the sensation of hunger. If you are actually following a harsh diet which means eating very little and very rarely, the body will not function properly and the metabolism will slow down making your body less able to deal with the quantity of food intake you will offer it later. If, instead, you eat smaller portions but more frequently you will manage to keep your metabolism high and everybody knows that a good metabolism has means superior fat burning. This is one key thing that many of us willing to lose 10 pounds simply ignore. Doctors keep saying that having at least three main meals a day and two snacks in between the meals make the perfect eating habits but somehow this information seems to bounce back blindly once it reaches our ears.

The psychological aspect should not be ignored either. In order to lose 10 pounds or so, you need to draw a picture in your mind about how it is all going to unfold. You visualize an objective, and see it in the best of lights. The psychological preparation has a great deal of importance if you really want to lose 10 pounds. If you take on a diet and combine it with working out, you need to prepare and get yourself determined enough on a long term basis to give up certain aspects that have initially caused the weight gain. Laziness can be defined as comfort, or rather too much comfort. Indulging yourself in eating too many sweets and too much fried, tasty food may be the habits that have caused the crisis.

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