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Lose 10 Lbs

Magazines, web sites, televisions and public opinion in general lay a great emphasis on good looks and make them synonyms with a slender silhouette. This is the reason why there are so many suggestions, programs and diets to help one lose 10 lbs, at least. Before starting a diet following some word of mouth it is more than advisable to check for a doctor’s opinion and identify the causes that are behind the overweight problem. There could be hormonal problems, eating disorders, digestive health issues or a sedentary lifestyle combined with unhealthy eating habits. Even if a diet to lose 10 lbs, doesn’t seem like something dangerous for one’s health, it all depends on the approach you take and the time interval you set to get fitter.

For instance there have been instances when people trying to lose 10 lbs have discovered that it is almost impossible to reach such a small goal. The reason for this kind of situations is that the overweight is triggered by some health problem, that as long as remains undetected keeps adding up to the condition. Thyroid gland disorders for instance are known to reduce the metabolism and cause people put on weight even when they stick to a good healthy diet. Treatments do exist, but they can be administered only after medical tests and following medical recommendations.

Women after childbirth also find it almost impossible to lose 10 lbs in the first few months after delivery. The problem here comes from the hormonal changes that have been incredible during pregnancy changing not only metabolism but the entire system, and that will disappear as soon as the hormone secretion gets back to normal. It is not advisable to stick to a diet or do strenuous physical exercises for at least three months after childbirth, or you could impair the overall health condition. What you can do is eat healthily, sleep well and take long walks in order to help the body resume regular functions.

Don’t go for a crash diet to help you lose 10 lbs in too short a period of time. Nutritionists insist that drastic weight changes are not healthy on the long run because they involve periods of nutrients scarcity that create imbalances in the metabolism. If during a diet you slow the metabolic rate by too little food, the system will not know how to react when you end the diet and you start having more food. This will be perceived as extra energy that the body will tend to accumulate all over again in the form of fat deposits.

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