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Where Are BMI Calculator Results Important? – 4

The BMI index was inadvertently created between 1830 and 1850 by the Belgian polymath Adolphe Quetelet. They were in the process of developing social Physics and realized they could now estimate body mass.

Using a BMI calculator didn’t become popular until the early 1950’s and 60’s. It was about this time that obesity started to get more discernible. As Western societies became more at ease so did our waistline. That’s when BMI index started assigning numeric measurements to a person’s fatness or thinness.

This system provides the medical checkup profession with a yardstick to discuss weight related problems with their patients. When a person’s (BMI) body mass is broken down in these simple terms it makes it easier for the patient to infer its relevance.

The BMI indicant is broken down into four main categories. Each class is represents a level of morbidity and mortality data or wellness risk. If the BMI Calculator reads lower than 18.5 you’re considered underweight if your BMI reads between 18.5 to 25 you are at an optimal weight; if the BMI Calculator reads 25 to 30 your are overweight if your BMI calculator reads 30 or above than you are considered obese (over 40 morbidly corpulent Patients that score a BMI above 30 are a major worry of the Practitioners profession.

Studies have shown that being corpulent can have an effect on your overall health. These same studies show how obesity is shortening our average life span.
Since the medical profession has been able to link up the two together they have goneout of their way on a crusade to teach people how they can change their lives and that being obese doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

It all starts with the smallest of changes. First, go to your doctor and have him use his BMI Calculator to determine which family you fall into. If you’re on the heavier side of the BMI scale, you’ll want to talk to him about your options. We all know that feeding ourselves right and exercising is the main component. However, this isn’t the easiest route for most American’s to take. Doing a fad dieting of trying to find a magical cure is usually only a temporary fix. You’re talking about the rest of your life, so when you sit down with your doctor ask him about all the options available to you. That may admit some uncomfortable choices, but change can also be very beautiful.

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